Free Woven Bail Tutorial

This pictorial guide tutorial was originally by Tela Formosa on her blog, and has been republished here on with permission.

This is how I do my woven bails, others may do it differently. You will need to be a relatively competent and experienced wire wrapper to follow this, but it shouldn’t be too hard to give it a try, anyway. This will depend on how well your eye is calibrated, too, because you’ll have to make some decisions on your own, based on your project. (Try it with copper first.)

I like to tie down my wires. If you are comfortable not doing that, then by all means, adapt this to suit your style. This isn’t written in stone. Experiment. For example, I like to wrap with (4) 20g round wires, so I have 8 at the top. I turn 2 down leaving 6 to weave with. You can do it whichever way you work, but you will need, at least, 2 wires at the the top to weave. If you are using 22g, you should probably hammer your wires. But, use your own judgement. That’s what wrapping is all about- individual expression.

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