Artistry meets Fire

Metalsmithing is a jewelry making method that requires a higher than average degree of training, skill development, and investment. When done right the result can be a jaw-dropping gorgeous creation that most of us would love to own. Metalsmithing jewelry involves using a torch and solder to join pieces of metal together to create a finished piece of metal that can hold and support a rock to allow it to be wearable.

The art of metalsmithing is a very deep subject about which volumes of books have been written. We have created this list of recommended reading for you, and we have many skilled community members who are ready to answer all of your questions as you get started. Be sure to share pictures of your journey so we can all admire your work and offer help if needed.

Metalsmithing Tutorial Threads

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The following is an expanding list of tutorials and instructional metalsmithing threads on the Rock Tumbling Hobby Forum.

If you find a helpful and educational thread in the Metalsmithing Board on the forum, and you think it should be featured here, please respond in the thread and bring it to our attention, thanks!

Metalsmithing Book Recommendations

There are many publications that cover the subject of metalsmithing, so knowing which ones are worth your time and money can be challenging. We have created this list of metalsmithing books for you based on our member experiences as well as ratings and feedback on Amazon.