Great Way to Finish Your DIY Rotary Tumbler Build!

MJR Tumblers Rock Tumbler Barrel

Commercial-grade plastic rock tumbler barrel that seals water and air-tight, with a tapered neck for easy loading and unloading. Eight large sizes to choose from!

A Quality Lapidary Saw Build Requires a Quality Blade!

MK Diamond MK-301 10″, .040″, 5/8″

The MK-301 Gemking with carbon steel core and solid diamond sintered kerf provides superior cutting performance and improved coolant flow, and is engineered for cutting hard materials such as agate and jade.

Finish Your Flat Lap Project With a Quality Disc

Aluminum Disc Base Lap Plate 8″

This Aluminum master plate features premium workmanship and accurate dimensions, and is well-made and shaped with soft edges to provide for a comfortable hold.